Business research to make your head spin

Grover Jackson
15 May 2021 9 min read

Here are some figures that will make your head spin. According to Search Engine Journal, 50% of business owners don't have a marketing plan in place, and 72% of owners don't have a succession plan, as per CPA Practice Advisor.

While that's bad, only 33% of business owners have a formalized plan in place, as per a 2015 Gallup poll.

As troubling and unbelievable as those numbers are, many believe the actual numbers are much, much lower!

We're already a quarter the way through 2021, so you should have written down this year's plan. But having a written plan can only get you so far. If your key people, your managers, your department heads, aren’t living your plan, they’re probably not as invested in it as you are.

A digitized plan is the best way to make your business plan and strategy visible to everyone in your business who you need on-board to drive it.

The Strategy-AI planning toolkit is the perfect tool to start digitizing your plans and strategies