Discover Strategic Task Management with Trello

Grover Jackson
15 June 2021 5 min read

Trello is an excellent task management platform, with a simple, and yet easy to use interface that presents your tasks across a board. It's flexibility to fit any team's or project's unique requirements is one of its greatest strengths.

Earlier this year we released our Strategy-AI Power-Up for Trello to bring business planning and strategy to this powerful task management platform. The combination of these two business specialties now means Trello is a power tool for Strategic Task Management.

We've just released a short video to demonstrate how to execute Strategic Task Management, by combining planning and task management in Trello. This demonstration uses one of the built-in demo plans along with a Trello template, so you can add the template to your own Trello account and explore how to run Strategic Task Management for yourself.

Watch the video

Download the Trello Template